Prior Learning Assessment

Loyola has partnered with the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning's Learning Counts program to make it possible to earn college credit for learning on the job. Portfolio training and submission through Learning Counts gives you several options to earn credit for professional life experiences that qualify as college-level learning. Best of all, participating in a Prior Learning Assessment program can provide substantial savings of time and tuition for students as well as a personal sense of accomplishment for past achievements.

Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio

Submitting a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio program:

  • Gives students a chance to earn credit for up to four required courses in the major. Up to 36 credits total can be provided via PLA.
  • Is available to incoming students and current students through training workshops offered by Learning Counts in both for-credit and non-credit formats.
  • Places an emphasis on "learning" in a professional setting.
  • Uses a submission system of student-built portfolios evaluated by university faculty. 

Earning credit is not guaranteed, but each portfolio can be re-submitted for a second review if credit is denied the first time.

Learning Counts is a third-party partner with SCPS that gives interested students the option of taking either an instructor-led course for $895 or a self-paced online course for $129. To see the first two sessions of the online course or register for the next 6-week instructor-led course go to

Contact Loyola's continuing education program at or 312.915.6501 to learn more about applying experience-based learning and transfer credit toward your college degree.