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Summer Scholars



  • When do classes begin?
  • When do classes end?
  • When do classes meet?
  • How many courses may I take?
  • Is attendance mandatory?
  • Can I drop or withdraw from a class?
  • How many credits do I earn per class?
  • Will I have an advisor during the program?


  • Who can apply to the program?
  • Can I still be in the program if I am already a senior in high-school?
  • When is the application deadline?
  • Is admission preferential toward residential or commuter students?
  • May I apply to one of the three-week Seminar courses as well as a six-week Academy class?
  • Can I fax or e-mail my transcript and letters of recommendation?
  • May I submit my application before I have my transcript and letters of recommendation?
  • Will I be notified if my application is incomplete?
  • How soon will I know if I have been accepted?
  • How will I be notified of acceptance?
  • As an accepted residential student, should I expect additional mailings after receiving my admissions letter?


Tuition & Fees
  • What is the cost of attending the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars program?
  • I am not an Illinois resident. Is there a different tuition rate?
  • Do you accept payment plans?
  • Are any other fees associated with the program?
  • Why is the deposit necessary?


Financial Aid
  • Who is eligible for financial aid? How do I qualify?
  • Are the scholarship awards need-based or merit-based?
  • My parents’ income makes me eligible for the need-based awards, is it worth it to compete for the SCPS merit-based award?
  • How much will I receive?
  • What is the deadline to apply and be considered for financial aid?
  • Are the children/dependents of Loyola employees eligible for a tuition discount?


  • Does participation in the program affect my chances of getting into Loyola?
  • I want to go to Loyola after I graduate. How do I learn more?
  • What is the weather like during the summer in Chicago?
  • Where is Loyola located?
  • How big is the campus?
  • Who else takes classes in the summer?
  • What is the cost of the program?
  • Do I need spending money?
  • Do students have access to campus facilities?
  • What is my mailing address?
  • Will there be someone who can pick me up from the airport?
Housing & Meals
  • May I live on campus?
  • If I am under 16, may I still live in the residence hall?
  • Is the housing deposit refundable?
  • Do you require housing payment in full before I arrive?
  • Where are your residence halls located?
  • What is the physical layout of the residence hall?
  • What materials do you provide in the room?
  • Will sheets, towels and pillows be supplied?
  • Are the rooms air conditioned?
  • Are there telephones in the rooms?
  • Will I have access to a computer?
  • May I bring a computer with me into my room?
  • Are there accommodations for disabled students?
  • What are the hall rules?
  • Who is responsible for cleaning the residence hall?
  • May I be involved in other summer activities or programs outside of the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars program?
  • When are the move-in and check-out dates for the residence hall? Is it possible to come earlier or stay later?
  • Will I be able to contact my roommate before the first day of the program?
  • Can I choose my roommate?
  • Can I change roommates?
  • Does the residence hall have a curfew?
  • Is there security in the residence hall?
  • How much supervision is provided?
  • Are students allowed to explore Chicago on their own?
  • Who chaperones the students?
  • Do you provide dining services?
  • Are meals included in the price of the program?
  • Is there a vegetarian and/or kosher meal option?
  • If I am living in the residence hall, am I allowed to have guests?
  • May I leave campus during the day with family and/or friends?
  • May I be away from the residence hall overnight?
  • Can I bring my car?
  • Is there an additional charge for a parking pass?
  • Is street parking available?
  • How much free time will I have?
  • What happens at night or on the weekends?
  • Am I required to attend the programs and activities?
Staff & Faculty - parent!
  • Who will be supervising my son/daughter over the summer? How do I meet and/or contact them?
  • When can I meet the staff members? 
  • When can I contact staff members? 
  • How do I contact staff members in the event of an emergency? 

More information can be found on the A Day In The Life, For Admitted Students or For Parents pages. 

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