Non-SCPS Enrollment

Permission to Enroll in an SCPS Course for Undergraduate Students

‌Students from colleges outside of SCPS may request permission to enroll in some courses offered in SCPS.


SCPS students will be given priority enrollment for SCPS courses. Requests submitted on behalf of non-SCPS students will be reviewed one week prior to the start the session since many SCPS students enroll close to the start date of the session. Decisions will be contingent upon space available. You will be notified of enrollment approval or denial via e-mail.

Most SCPS courses meet on an eight-week evening schedule at the Water Tower Campus or online. Please review the information below before submitting a request.

Students wishing to enroll in an SCPS section must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be admitted to the university in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. Students enrolled in 15 or more credit hours for the requested term must have a cumulative Loyola GPA of 3.00 or better
  • 30 total credit hours completed (at Loyola or in transfer) preferred
  • Students are to meet all course prerequisites and requirements. See the Course Descriptions for prerequisites
  • Any special permission (i.e. approval of enrolling in more than 18 hours) must include a written approval from the student's advisor
  • Students from the School of Business must check with their academic advisor before requesting an SCPS section


Please note the following guidelines when requesting to enroll in an SCPS course:

  • Permission for enrollment will not be granted for the following BA Management courses (with sections denoted): 
    • COMM 237-700, 701, 702
    • COMM 273-700, 701, 702
    • ECON 201-700, 701, 702
    • ECON 202-700, 701, 702
  • All courses with the Course ID CPST; includes CPST 200 through CPST 390
  • A maximum of five (5) non-SCPS students will be admitted to any SCPS section, regardless of the remaining available seats
  • Priority is given to prospective graduates and seniors for the request term
  • SCPS sections may not be audited
  • SCPS sections are discouraged for those with fewer than 30 college credits (Loyola and/or transfer)

Request Procedure

Complete the Non-SCPS Form‌. This form must be signed by the advisor and sent via your advisor’s email to

Fax: 312-915-6508
Office: School of Continuing and Professional Studies, LT-401, WTC

Requests will be reviewed during the first week of each enrollment request date. You will be notified of enrollment by phone and/or e-mail.

If you later decide not take the course, you must drop in LOCUS before the first day of the session and not the first class meeting. For session start dates, see the schedule of courses.

Attendance Policy

Students in SCPS classes are expected to arrive promptly and attend every class meeting. 

Success in SCPS courses will heavily depend on attendance and participation in the classroom.  Because of the intensity of the eight-week class format, missing one class is equivalent to missing approximately two weeks of course content in the semester format, and will affect your grade.

If you are unable to attend or will be late for a class meeting, you must notify the instructor in advance of the absence. The instructor reserves the right to decide how absences will affect your grade, and whether make-up assignments will be given or accepted. Unexcused absences may result in failing the course.

Withdrawals from SCPS Courses

SCPS courses follow an adjusted withdrawal schedule than the 16-week calendar. Students who enroll in SCPS courses must adhere to the SCPS academic calendar and the withdrawal schedule as outlined by the Office of the Bursar.