Loyola University Chicago


Achieving College Excellence

ACE Retreat

September 9 - 11, 2016 LUREC Woodstock, Illinois

Each September, ACE holds a retreat open to all ACE scholars.  This retreat is an opportunity for the ACE Community Members to make connections with one another and to reflect on their experiences both at Loyola and beyond campus. We have some amazing ACE Student Leaders who prepared throughout the summer to facilitate the retreat and activities held at the LUREC Facility. There is no cost attached to the retreat and transportation is provided to and from campus.

Below are some quotes from students who attended the retreat:

"Before I attended the retreat, I was not in the mood to do any activities or move around.  But once the retreat started and the different group activities occurred, I began to feel transformed.  Throughout the entire retreat, I felt a sense of warmth and friendship in everyone.  There was a true bond forming between all of us and I knew that ACE is where it's at. The retreat leaders were awesome, of course, and I just really enjoyed all of the laughter, shared stories, and bonding we were able to do in such a short time.  I know that I have real friends now, and I can come to any of may ACE family about anything." Kiarra,  Freshman ACE Scholar

"Thanks to the events, and activities we completed during the retreat, I can honestly say I've finally found, and met some amazing friends, friends for a lifetime.  We've all got comfortable with one another so fast, and we just opened up to each other so fast. I know I can talk to members of ACE, and that I can count on them for anything."  Daniel, Freshman ACE Scholar