Loyola University Chicago


Achieving College Excellence

ACE Retreat

Each September, ACE holds a retreat open to all ACE scholars.  This retreat is an opportunity for the ACE Community Members to make connections with one another and to reflect on their experiences both at Loyola and beyond campus. We have some amazing ACE Student Leaders who prepared throughout the summer to facilitate the retreat and activities held at the LUREC Facility. There is no cost attached to the retreat and transportation is provided to and from campus. Below are some quotes from students who attended the first retreat:

" The inspiring stories I heard during ACE Retreat motivated me to continue my academic journey regardless of the obstacles in my life."  - Sirifa N.

"The ACE retreat was a life changing moment. It taught me so much about myself and others, and helped me see difficult situations in a different way. I found my role model at this retreat, and whenever things are becoming difficult and I am feeling hopeless, I think of this person, their hardships, and how gracefully he overcame them. I hope I can be like this person one day."  - Sarah C.